The news

N* Shia militants kill Sunni Muslims in Iraq.

* ISIS (Sunni militants), kill Shias and Yezdi Christians in Iraq.

* Turkey airforce planes bombard PKK (Kurd Workers Party), but not ISIS.

* Shia Houthis fight with Sunni Al Qaeda in Yemen.

A disintegrated coalition of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and US fights ISIS.

US, a cautious half-hearted ally, offers air support only.

Strange bed-fellows!

It helps ISIS.

Credibility of Islam

Is credibility of Islam at stake?


ISIS’s barbarian beheading of journalists has tarnished the image of Islam.

Does Quran support beheadings?


But, let’s find out the truth.

Then, let’s educate illiterate Muslims including Muslim women.

It will wipe out the illogical, and fundamentalist beliefs from their minds.

It will dilute impact of fundamentalist interpretation of Quran by clerics.


Militant Shias kill innocent Sunnis in Iraq.

Militant ISIS kills innocent Shias and Yezidis.

The instigators – the Shia and Sunni clerics are in safe havens:

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and other Muslim countries.

Despicable violence

Who motivates ISIS fighters to behead those, who disagree?

*The cause of intra-Islamic killings is despicable.

*The inter-religion militancy against Christians/Hindus is despicable too.

*Taliban/Boko Haram atrocities, against Muslim/Christian girls’ education are equally despicable.

Islam’s glorious past and credibility has reached its nadir.

The future

The upswing from its nadir has already begun.

Malala has won Noble Prize.

Clerics are losing.

Malalas are winning.

The future belongs to Malalas.

Let’s emancipate Muslim women.

It will pay rich dividends in war against militancy.

The problem

We have to explain Islam to Muslims of the world, objectively.

The clerics consider humanity as a huge market for their religion/sect.

A Shia cleric wants to grab bigger share of market for Shia sect.

ISIS clerics want bigger share for Sunni sect.

It is a corporate war: ruthless and result oriented targeted market share.

A spiritual war

It is not a spiritual war.

We all fight spiritual battle, within.

Our soul battles with sensual temptations, and tries to resist.

There is no violence in spiritual battle, within.

Religious wars between social Gods

Religious violence is a war of supremacy between social Gods.

Yes, there is one absolute God in the world.

But we have number of social Gods.

Social Gods have different names in different civilizations.

We have complicated the issue there after.

We believe Allah is a Muslim God.

We believe, there is a Sunni Allah and there is a Shia Allah.

The two, shall never meet, in peace.

There is a Christian God.

There are Hindu Gods – 330 millions of them.

Buddhists believe there is a cause to an effect called universe.

But they don’t call it – the cause – a God.

Unity in diversity

We are unable to see unity of humanity in diversity.

We enjoy diversity in sensual pleasures, in the world.

We love Thai food, Chinese food, Japanese food, and any other variety.

We are comfortable with a friend of any nationality, religion, and colour.

But we are ill at ease with other religions.

Why can’t we learn to enjoy, diversity of all religions and religious sects?

Why are we possessive about our religion and insist on its supremacy?

Different geographical locations, and languages create different religions.

There are different names of Gods, and beliefs in different religions.

But look close, the prescribed behaviour is same, in all religions.

Nobody gives due importance to behaviour in a religion.

We fight over beliefs.

This is the tragedy of humanity.

We don’t understand basics of religions.


The first few things that you must remember whilst creating the option in online weight loss programs, are listed below. It must have a healthy exercising and weight training course, as well as an having plan using a abundant nutritious importance. That should also explain how to put an objective for yourself, and then how you can keep track associated with a changes occurring. And a guide to improve or reduce the tempo as necessary.

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Tea Length Dresses can be a new innovation in to the wedding world. There are numerous kinds of wedding gowns offered to new women that his new design will not symbolize a major option from your current design, nevertheless it provides adequate divergence for any new resurgence from the wedding market.

A teas span dresses are extensively described as a middle of the calf duration attire that is situated anywhere in the middle the ankle and the joint. They undoubtedly must be a minimum of 4 inches higher than the ankle, however there has to be adequate room for different interpretations for this particular span which can be accepted. As a result issues exciting inside the fashion arena and for designers to obtain creative using their imaginations to present brides a gown with this particular new duration that is certainly intriquing, notable and initial for their fashion.

Types of la femme dresses 2015 are different from a smaller edition of the strapless style which has been widespread from the bridal industry in past times few years to your gentler, running, sleeved attire or even to those that detaqky60 straight lined and much more body fitting. Also, you will find balloon types that bring back the look of the fifties and sixties. Herbal tea span wedding dresses also show extra comprehensive wedding boots.

Quick wedding dresses have many capabilities which make them a lot more useful to use than satisfied duration types. These dresses tend to be more comfy for any very hot or moist day time. The quicker span helps prevent hems from obtaining unclean which is particularly helpful whenever it down pours outside. Additionally they make dance less difficult given that they do not possess trains.

If created within a flower or pastel material and designed in the less traditional design, blush dresses 2015 can be used as night time use for evenings in the future. Inside the same expression, this sort of clothes are appropriate for much less professional outside wedding parties like all those kept at the shore, in home gardens, or maybe in backyards. They attain an casual appearance that supports a peaceful environment that these sorts of weddings have and maintain a nice wedding disposition. These softer patterns also seem quite romantic and intensify this part of the wedding day.

Teas span wedding dresses are definitely right for an official cathedral wedding also. Produced in similar components and in types of their far more professional counterparts, they offer a wonderful and beautiful adaptation which provides a relaxing turn to the design of bridal attire, but also offers a completely exciting check out the wedding picture.

The uv flatbed printer appears quite typical, that it is hardly surprising: OKI continues to be manufacturing gadgets with such design for a long time. The principle loved ones features will be the silhouette of a smoothed container, the printing pathway with side to side paper directing, top of the productivity dish along with a special user interface.

The printing device toner cartridges use a design common for OKI design that allows different replacing of drum and ink cartridge together with the toner. The proclaimed drum deliver is higher than that of the cartridge greater than a second time: 20,000 and 8,000 pages correspondingly. The basic replacements, as usual, include toner only ample for 2000 pages.

About the correct area, beneath the covering up is concealing a hatch that offers entry to development. The C830 model provides for storage expansion as high as 768 MB (the onboard 256 MB and recommended 512 MB unit), along with the installation of an optionally available hard disk. As usual, besides these options are offered additional containers and ground stand up, along with two-sided printing model.

For conversation with all the external planet the printing device comes with an Ethernet dock, a USB and parallel port. The very last two in such machinery are additional for excessive or very special apps, however for most present day methods and programs the network slot can be used.

Like all “major” inkjet printer, OKI C830 assists you to utilize the emulation of various different languages and practices: PostScript 3, PCL 5c, PCL XL, PCL 6, HP-GL, Epson FX and IBM Pro Printing device III XL.

The features from the inkjet printer assure us a rather very good speed: 30 and 32 ppm for coloration and monochrome methods, correspondingly. Even so, the measured maximum speed colored barely handled 20 ppm in A4 structure. The 46datxqky for your A3 is even less — 17.5 ppm.

Because it been found, speed parameters are positioned from the garment printer menus, but shielded by the manager password, so at the time of the test, we would have to be happy with the default options.

For the multiple-webpage record with shade images jobs finalizing substantially slowed down and also the rate of generating did not surpass 10 ppm (Auto Mode, Typical 600×600). The PCL was quicker: 9,7 ppm and 8.5 ppm for A4 and A3, correspondingly. PostScript mode did the trick very relaxing: 7.7 ppm and 5.4 ppm for A4 and A3, respectively.

The color generating on OKI C830 was to be truthful attractive. Initial, an excellent total-coloration A3 print out itself generates a very positive impact. And additionally, OKI printing are not just very good but exceptional: reliable colour reproduction, number of reproducible colours, high res and ideal publishing good quality of written text.

We are unable to aid talking about the really comfortably carried out toner preserving function, which was already become a manifestation of OKI printers. The writing printed out in this method is easy to read even just in tiny styles, hence the preserving is not really in a hard testing in the text message and pictures (that may be found in designs of various other suppliers), nevertheless in lowering the density from the toner. As a result, the writing gets grey, however with crystal clear and direct borders. Photos, naturally, shed in quality a lot more, but nevertheless continue to be quite appropriate.

Inspite of the upbeat specifications data, Phone case printer will not established speed records, its design and ergonomics tend not to stand out flawlessness, and in the process it could give you very little shocks. For one, that peculiar basic need to hide nearly all the custom configurations for that manager private data.

The goal of our riches and also resource administration team within is to create monetary strategies to aid shield your future.

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A lawyer as well as financial investment specialist provides Advisors and also the Lyman Team in his job as dealing with supervisor. The professional aids high-net-worth clients, structures, as well as business by providing wide range management answers. Prior to securing his current openings got hands-on management skilled as president as well as chief managerial officer of Alpha Wide range Control, a licensed investment advising firm derived in Palm Seashore Gardens, Florida. His background as chief exec likewise features a duration as Chief Executive Officer of the Raymond James Count on Provider and also the STI Private Resources Group.

While relative profile returns behave, exactly what really matters to customers is actually absolute efficiency. Are you profiting? The Lyman Group at is regarding profit functionality and high touch customer service.

Our specialties are Wealth Administration, Wide range Optimisation, Financial Preparation, Portfolio Design as well as Execution, Practice Administration Using Technology as well as Customer Representation. curt lyman is actually additionally President of Stamina Biking Specialists, which is actually a company of Funds Market Strategies LLC. ECS was actually constituted as a regional associate for products made by Volagi Cycles ( ECS’s purpose is to extend the experience of riding a special Volagi bicycle to cycling enthusiasts throughout the globe and also to servicing their needs for upgrades, components, as well as solution when essential. curt lyman Many high resources homeowners of nation nightclub neighborhoods in the well-off zip codes of Jupiter and the Palm Beaches went through considerable losses during the course of the financial crash. These losses could possess come at their very own hands or even given that they were actually sick urged by their brokers. In moments of stress, some financial advisors will certainly recommend backing away, however that’s certainly not constantly the very best response to a market decline.

Psychological capitalists often “purchase large and sell low”. Given that of this inclination, Academic analyses would reveal that specific retail investors often underperform the markets. Some studies signify that individual retail entrepreneurs generally balance 4 % from lengthy phrase financial investments in time, versus much higher prolonged standards for property training marks. curt lyman I only finished Flight the Mountain ranges on my Volagi Liscio2. 590 kilometers, over 25000 foot upright in 6 times and in blistering warmth and also woods flames. The solitary major challenge I had was escaping from individuals wishing to know concerning the exceptional Volagi layout as well as disk brakes in order that I could possibly fill my water containers and return on the street. Cornering was splendid at speed, brakes were actually assuring, as well as I’ll never ever return to analog shifters, primarily observing the Di2 Firmware upgrade that now enables rapid flames multi-gear changing … because of the factory Shimano individuals supporting RTR. While my pals were nursing their painful behinds, I was actually prepared to obtain on to the following lower leg as a result of the ease of riding this bicycle.

sustains a quantity of charitable efforts. As a former user of the board of advisors for Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic College helped the university in maintaining its own tradition of offering a top quality education and learning. Renowneded for its own Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic Educational institution will soon deliver its RN-to-BSN plan and also its family registered nurse specialist professional’s level course at the FAU Oceanographic Institute in Fortress Pierce.

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It is crucial! It is a comment which we have listened to numerous periods. Create a requirements for the articles requirements and ensure that your SEO professional is happy to fulfill these anticipations. Additionally, they need to ensure that it is presentable and simple to use.

Clients do not love to battle to discover things on the web. You already know your site a lot better than anyone else, so connecting this obviously is extremely important in your future success. You could possibly enjoy the amount there is certainly to examine on the Internet only for those who have possibly made an effort to get one thing distinct on the internet, failed and abandoned.Without the right optimization for search engines like Google, your potential clients may be trying to find you – but not able to get your web site. This procedure helps with growing traffic generation on the site. The list is long but you receive the strategy. There are a few, just like any other marketing technique, which do not work out as well as predicted.

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Prior to they start to function on the website, the Denver SEO services will measure the recent web site. This is something that lots of people avoid. Despite the fact that Google takes sufficient and much more precautions to preclude this from occurring, there exists a honest possibility of this kind of happenings. Additionally it is a terrific way to permit individuals speak to you, concerning your product or services, in the one-on-one style. Setup of moral or white colored cap SEO generates the best possible final results.

Should you personal your personal firm or can sell a product the chances are you have thought about video clip promoting. It can be a terrific way to display what your company offers. With the Internet and social networking, videos are seen close to every spot. Your company can electronically publicize all on your own personal site or through the entire online or on web sites that would draw in people to your organization.

If it is an avenue you are interested in you may be questioning what your next move needs to be. For a video to have success you must make sure it is premium quality and place with each other towards the greatest capability possible. The majority of people use גוגל אדוורדס to create their video lessons.

First of all everyone is tired of studying texts and commercials. Video lessons are crystal clear, brief and thoroughly clean. The good thing regarding a video creation company is the skilled high quality. These businesses get the newest gear in relation to video cameras and lighting effects. They also have first class editing software much better then iMovie and Windows Film-Manufacturer. The better good quality your online video will be the much more visitors are likely to consider your company very seriously. The change duration of a video is usually not really that extended. Naturally, it datzqky63 depend on the span and intricacy in the video clip but ‫‬איזכורים שליליים are expert which is forte. Therefore, video clips usually do not consider that extended to generate.

It is better when you have a concept of what you need. A youtube video production organization might take your concept and make it the truth but you would like to ensure these people have a complete understanding of what you are looking for. In the end this video clip is representing your enterprise/product.

It is actually completely Okay to buy the two even so magazine space can be extremely high-priced and you have to wish it drops in the right palms of somebody enthusiastic about your company. Video clip however is really a less costly option, most of the time, and yes it gets to a broader audience. Individuals can see your movie from all over the world simply because it will likely be offered on the Internet. Your audience range will likely be a lot larger.

Be sure to decide on a business with a lot of experience with making videos and through this I mean not merely camera and editing and enhancing expertise but image and animation expertise at the same time. Because הפקת סרטון מחיר is becoming more and more well-known so are the instruments for producing on the web video clips. Believe beyond the pack for the online video. You are able to undoubtedly use animation or sophisticated graphics.

The free mobile wallpapers might be transported from system to device also. The system of shifting is similar as mentioned above. Two devices can also be associated with each other through data cable. Another data-transfer possibilities including Bluetooth and Infrared which may also be found in this value. If you want to ship the present photos to the distant consumers, then you can certainly achieve this through the use of multimedia messaging solutions. Moreover, you should use any of the photo you have whilst the wallpapers. You oneself could make your personal pictures using the camera that’s available in latest products.

The photo of natural splendor with no iota of manmade structures is extremely interesting and attractive for city inhabitants who are used-to metropolitan ways of dwelling. Users can certainly obtain mobile wallpapers from PC and shift the beautiful photos with their devices via Wireless or Infrared. But when, web connection is stimulated while in the phone people could immediately get mobile wallpapers from there itself. Today, the devices come with latest features like built in camera with wonderful picture quality, permitting people to click photographs and save them as screensavers.

These wallpapers can also be a simple way to give a personal touch to the phones. The cellular entrepreneurs are delighted whenever they look on their mobile monitors and this happens often. These devices have grown to be an intrinsic section of our lives and we can not afford to separate these helpful products from our lives. Therefore, they’ve become our constant friend. Folks thus get bored of the dull displays and so they choose to substitute them with decorative and vibrant wallpapers.

For many who would like wallpapers using a deeper meaning, that one may download free devotional wallpapers from the internet or from web sites. In most cases when you are searching for wallpapers to get, you just demand to login to the web and select the right wallpaper and it’ll be mounted inside your cellular phone without paying anything. Nevertheless, additionally, there are specific firms that offer exclusively in making neat wallpapers for mobile phones. Such wallpapers are transferred for your phone at least expense. As you can plainly see, what you will discover about hearts wallpapers for mobile is some points are far more important than others.

But that can vary slightly, and it really just depends on how you want to use the information. Yet you do realize there is much more to be discovered about this. The balance of this read holds much more that will help your particular situation.

Some of these tips really are critical to your comprehending, and there is even more going further than what is about to be covered.

Capabilities Like Infrared, Bluetooth and MMS help the people to quickly transport photograph and photos from one portable to a different which technique they could get personally shot photos in their buddies by themselves devices. Wallpapers in a way reveal an individuals individuality and his decision to others. For example, if a person greatly admires movie personalities he will obtain photographs of these and save them as screen savers. On the other hand, if a person is sports crazy, he will download wallpapers of hos favorite personalities in the world of sports.

Those days are removed when cellphones come only with small-sized blackandwhite screen device, the contemporary types are boasted with high resolution, large-sized and attractive-looking display unit along with the splendor of the devices primarily depends on the beauty of the present unit and in this respect mobile wallpapers play an important function.

You’ll find additional types of wallpapers including craft,sports, psychic, celebrities, products, cars and a whole lot more. The best thing is that all the portals supply them for free. Today animated wallpapers are in vogue, though static ones have however not shed their appeal. The previous are very surreal and the images are extremely engrossing. They could make possibly the most aged mobile look quite attractive. Fascinating photographs assure a second glance about the devices which also reflects a personal contact of the mobile user.

Since, the World Wide Web is there, one wants never to fear if he/she is looking to get mobile wallpapers. You can quickly download pictures of these favorite stars from various resources on the net. Internet is the greatest source wherever there are plenty of latest photographs are available. Newest mobile wallpapers can be utilized from a lot of sites free of cost. These wallpapers consist of different subjects. As mentioned above, these styles may be devotional, devoted, intimate etc.

Apart from boosting the appearance of your cell phones, these wallpapers additionally reflect your individuality. Some wallpapers bring inspirational pictures, so the individual of such wallpapers might be presumed to truly have a positive attitude. Similarly an individual applying heart shaped wallpapers might be presumed to become intimate in nature. Thus basically your mobile wallpaper represents what kind of person you truly are.

Acetate, cotton, linen and cotton all have inadequate soil-release qualities and which has no stain-resistant features. All should only be dry-cleaned rather than steam cleaned. The cleaning benefits, if heavily damaged, are only inadequate to good.

Significant others make or bust lifestyles. Well, if yours has broken your lifetime contemplate reupholstery. Take-all that furniture that tells of you of him or her and grab it to shreds. Keep only the barebones of its frame. Uncover its nakedness to the world. And, such as a deranged plastic surgeon, create it in almost any fashion you see fit. Incorporate styles, combine shades, itis your furniture do whatever you wish to it. When you’re done, the memories will disappear as you sit easily in your brand-new, memory eradicated, couch or whatever you’ve sitting around that property of yours.

This weave is a variance of the basic place. Heavier yarns are used to attain the required results. This is a variation of the plain weave. It delivers a ribbed effect. The rib weave is attained by using heavier filler yarns. If more product yarns (weft) are utilized than straight, a ribbed appearance occurs. This process is named cramming. This technique weaves some blends of corduroy and similar look materials.

Life is created around schedule. You wake up round the same time. You go to workaround once. You come home across the same time. You consume at the same time. You go to rest at the same time. Dull. The indifference begins to wear. The mentality of living must be packed. But how? What can you do to alter the tedium without losing your job or bursting your knee? Two words: Upholstery Fabric. Huh? That’s right; upholstery fabric may modify your whole world watch. Don’t think me. That’s great. Continue reading, I Will change your brain. choose the right upholstery fabric is such a wide field of study, and you do have to decide which of the overall pieces of the puzzle are more relevant to you. However, the bottom line is how you want to use it, and how much of it will effect your situation. As you realize, there is much more to the story than what is available here. The balance of this read contains much more that will help your specific situation. Even after what is next, we will not quit there because the best is but to come.

There are lots of varieties of upholstery fabric available, and they’re typically arranged by both natural or artificial textiles. Normal materials frequently include a flat place, and therefore are smoother for the effect. They could be vunerable to fading and adding, so know where you would prefer to place the furniture before you select organic materials. Artificial textiles are combined to make them stronger, generally with a chemical method. Pure fabrics can include cotton, linen, wool, leather, and silk. Artificial textiles might include acrylic, cotton, nylon, olefin, and polypropylene.

This place is constructed by instead passing filling yarns over and beneath the straight yarns across the full-length of the fabric. Many cottons, chintz, and some olefins are woven having a plain place. Plain weaves are created by alternately driving the product yarns over and under surrounding straight yarns (twist) along the total period of the fabric. It is very strong and versatile in developing various materials and blends. Plain patterns are balanced. This means that the number of vertical and gel yarns are about identical.

In utilizing the term ‘fabric’ we’re being fairly loose and so are talking about any kind of upholstery covering, including leather. Everyone that has owned leather seats or sofas will recognize the situation – in fact, even people that have typical fabric linens may understand how cats simply love to ruin furniture.

This fabric is made about the Jacquard Loom. Fabrics made in this way can have basic styles, graphic views, or incredibly advanced models with regards to the weaver operating the loom. To create particular patterns, distinct color yarns may be used. Some examples of materials which are loomed this way are brocade, damask, and tapestries.

Furthermore consider the routine repeats – an incredibly bold, striped form of sample repeated often with a brilliant color scheme could be overwhelming, but another striped design matched having a subtle color-scheme could appear stylish.

Playing online bingo tears down edges and permits you to play online bingo live against other players round the world. You noticed me appropriately; online bingo is multiplayer, one game with players from all over the world. Each site has Numerous Chat which will be accompanied by a Chat Host also known as a CM. It’s the job of the Chat Host to create the environment of the bingo hall and to

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Online Bingo websites have vibrant artwork and engaging sound files. The new creation of online bingo website allow you to play bingo quickly without downloading anything. Whenever you sit We consider the above thoughts and tips must be taken into account in any discussion on click this link here now. But there is so much more that you would do well to learn.

They will serve you well, however, in more ways than you know. Once your understanding is more complete, then you will feel more confident about the subject. Keep reading because you do not want to miss these critical knowledge items.

Among the largest advantages is the fact that you interact with bingo players from all over the world not merely inside your geographic area where you live like in the local bingo hall or chapel. Online bingo games are easily available right at your fingertips and so they offer a fantastic variety of online bingo games and plus offer several online bingo promotions that’ll give you free money, bingo cards, bonuses, which will guarantee hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

With online bingo, participants could enjoy a common game within the convenience of their home while also that great bingo hall atmosphere. Another sketch-card with online bingo is the fact that it’s a user-friendly and easya to play knowledge, loved by anybody at anytime.

My nana was among the biggest bingo people I Have identified; likely to her bingo area around right into her remaining decades. I wonder if she’d purchased online bingo as a substitute for that old bingo hall. Of course there was no web bingo accessible when she was still with us. A guy I understand used to play bingo when he was at school. I do believe he imagined it was funny. We were discussing recently my nannyis love for bingo of course if she’d like online bingo. No more at university he now plays online bingo in the weekend.

Eighty percent of those who played free, online bingo a year ago were female, according to Remarkably, the common age of an online bingo player (male or female) was 41, with over 80 percent of those people being between your ages of 25 and 55. Notably more shocking will be the low portion of players more than 65. Historically, bingo is related to seniors who devote their twilight years hoping for the win. However, found that just two percent of free, online bingo participants are on the age of 65.

Chat rooms are a on most online bingo websites. Due to the natter areas on the online bingo website I really could chit-chat to other people as I performed. Even though you are playing online bingo in the same period, the news bedrooms are very similar to everything you may discover at other chatter locations about the web. I used to be happy to discover that everybody to the bingo sites have become helpful and said hello the moment I came.

A high benefit of online bingo, over different classic bingo activities is the fact that the online website will offer you new and appealing games to choose from, that people can win instant prizes. Therefore, these online bingo websites will keep you involved and maintain you coming back for more. The online bingo game enables you to play bingo for enjoyment, while getting together with our bingo community while in the user friendly bingo chat center.

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